Pedro Infante: A Paratrooper in Peru

man on downtown street at night

Yes, he is from Peru, he works in Ballard. He helped Susan as well, a long time ago. He was a paratrooper. You know what that is? And so we always drink coffee at McDonalds, in the morning when he goes to work, and I come. He is a great person, but he is sitting because he is very tall. See there? He’s very tall. Máximo, this is his name. I asked, “Can I take a photo?” “If you want,” because he has already taken pictures with his own camera, he has asked me just do this, but sometimes because I don’t know, two or three pictures would be bad. This time he accepted, so he sat. Before the photo he was standing. Because he is tall, maybe he sat down for it to come out OK. But he usually doesn’t like to take pictures. I asked he and he accepted, great.