Pedro Infante: I Came to the US to Check It Out

man with broom and dustpan on street

This is Samuel, another work colleague. That day he was doing the housekeeping/cleaning. I know him from Juárez, but we met here in Seattle. We have worked together. A very good guy, retired, you know.

Yea, I don’t know much about him, but, you know, he’s a good person, A good worker.

And you, how long have you been in the United States?

Well yes, I was 16, almost 17 year old, the first time. I am now 60. I came to check it out.  [laughing]. Well, the truth, the truth of why I came to the United States: I had a business in Mexico, I had a business, and it made good profit. When you are not doing well with your family… although I didn’t have children, or a wife… if you are not doing well, then you have to migrate, go elsewhere.

So, it’s been a while since you have gone back?

Since I left. I was here 2 years, then I went back to Mexico for a month, then that was it, I came back here. What I wanted was to take money over there, you know what I mean? I took what I earned in 2 years, then I came back and never have gone back.

And do you want to return?

Well no, no… I thought about it, even as a child, it doesn’t matter where I am, you know what I mean? Well now I live where I stay, but for many years I slept wherever I could, and it’s never bothered me, I didn’t care. I have had some money here in the states, but never been interested in being rich, no, you know what I mean? I just live one day at a time.