Pedro: Using WhatsApp to Communicate with an Employer

photo of Pedro's employer with face obscured

That is a Puerto Rican woman who works in things in different parts of Central America. I don’t know exactly what she does, but she travels and this photo was about a month ago. I went to her home to do some work with concrete and so, she took my phone number and she wanted me to go back to do something else, because the first time I went there was some outdoor work and then she wanted me to do some more work indoors.

So why did you take a picture of her?

No, that’s not a picture that I took of her. This is her image on her account, her profile picture of WhatsApp. I use WhatsApp to communicate with her.

Esta es una mujer de Puerto Rico que trabaja en diferentes partes de Centroamérica. No sé exactamente qué hace, pero viaja y esta foto fue hace como un mes. Yo fui a su casa a hacer un trabajo con concreto y ella tomó mi número y quería que volviera a hacer otra cosa, porque la primera vez que fui hice trabajo exterior, pero después ella quería que yo le hiciera trabajo interior.

¿Y por qué le tomaste esa foto?

No, yo no le tomé esa foto, es la foto de su perfil en WhatsApp. Uso WhatsApp para comunicarme con ella.

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