Chiapas: It Must be Very Sad to Die in the Desert

Photo of a cemetery and basketball court

Here is a picture of the cemetery.

Not the basketball court?

No, the cemetery. So it’s mostly the cemetery because when I saw it, it made me… When I was crossing in the desert I saw a cemetery. I don’t know if it was clandestine. It was just a lot of crosses. Maybe people die and they just are left there. I was thinking it must be very sad to die in the desert, and be buried there, and your family doesn’t know. You never go back home. Not even have a coffin. Many who just go there and they die in the desert. Maybe some of them may not be buried in their land. That’s very sad. So you take the risk of going and whatever will happen. Sometimes you’ll make it through, otherwise you could be captured, or you could also die. You could also be bit by a snake or stung by a spider, but you can also die of hunger or die of thirst. So that’s why I took this picture of the cemetery. You have to be realist – what you’re going to, you’re risking dying and you don’t know if you’re going to make it, or if they’re going to send you back, or if you’re going to end up dying in the desert and end up being a cross in the desert.

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