Chavalo: Staying Inside

dark street

So I’ve seen all the pictures and all the things you went through yesterday since we talked in the evening and this morning. So how do you feel?  If you were doing a movie of your day, this day in your life, what do you feel?

Well, it was good. I had a good relaxed afternoon with my friends and taking pictures and taking pictures of each other, so it was very entertaining and as you said, “take of pictures of different people, but only of people who allow you to” because then later when you go to this place and you cannot take anymore pictures, but I could not take any landscapes or anything because we were always inside, we were always indoors because they say it’s very unsafe to go out into the street or out of the shelter, so you have to be inside and I could not come out.  But it’s better to not get into trouble rather than going out and dealing with the consequences after. 

FH people: