Chavalo: Not Sleeping by the Railroad

sleeping area with wheelchair in foreground

Question, so when I asked you to take pictures of where your home is now and this is the dorm that you take pictures of?

Yes, this is it; this is the dorm where I slept. This is my home today, this dorm.

So, this is the place that to you is your home now, so how does it feel?

Well, as I say, it doesn’t feel too good because it’s not my home and I have to do whatever they say, but also, well, this is safe and I can spend the night here and I can be safe but of course it is not the same as sleeping over by the rail road lines because then when you wake up you have lost your legs or something, so here at least you are safe. So here we’re in a safe place and we’re not sleeping out on the street or by the railroad. Even though, maybe sometimes you cannot call, but here at least you can get some clothes and at other times you can make phone calls and they help and you’re not on the street, because it’s very difficult to be out on the street and on your own, so here, at least you’re with others and you’re in more safety. Because we don’t even have to walk all the way down to El Comedor, they take us in their car, because it’s too long, but it’s also unsafe. This here is more of El Comedor same area of the dorms.

What is this wheelchair?

Oh, this is another guy who was here, but he’s not in the wheelchair now, he’s over in his bed.

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