Chavalo: I'm Here in the Meantime

sleeping area

So how do you feel about spending the night in this place that is not your home?

Well, once you’re finally there you’re okay, you relax because you’re safe, it’s in a safe place and nobody can hurt you. And then you can sleep, okay. The only thing is if you try to make noise or start a problem they kick you out.

How do you feel that this is your home these days?

Well, I don’t feel very good but I have to wake myself to the idea that it is what it is, because I left my family and my home and well this is not the same as my home. With my family I felt better, more comfortable, but like this, it’s more different, but I have to accept the idea.

So, you left your home, you left your family, but not to come here, but you are here in the meantime. 

Yes, I’m here in the meantime. I’m just waiting for people to help me solve the problems. So I spoke with my cousin yesterday and he said he was going to send me some money so he asked me to call him today at six, but then I cannot call him at six, it was too late, I cannot call because I have to come in here at four so I cannot call him. Also, when you are making the call you cannot stay very long because there’s other people or the woman with the phone has to do other things so I have to hang up.

You left your home and now you’re relying on your relatives to help you?

Yes, I have cousins and aunts and uncles and they’re helping me, and they’re gonna send me some money so I can cross over. Yes, they are in different places, they’re in Tennessee and Houston. 

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