Chavalo: Feeling Desperate

back of room full of people watching TV

So what do you feel about waiting here?

Oh, I feel desperate… all this waiting makes you feel desperate. It’s as if I was in prison sometimes because I cannot go, I have to just wait and wait and wait. But at least it’s safe and it’s kind of calm. So the first ones to go in are the ones who have been deported, the ones who have a paper of deportation and then the others go in. And so this is where we go in and this is... we go in and there are the beds. So when you go in here you can see the door here and you turn around here and you go to the dorms. But they are very shaky, they move. So these are more of the chairs and the floor and this is now inside the dorms where we sleep.  Here they asked us, somebody asked permission to go to the store to buy something so we could go and buy something so we could have a snack.

So you stay here all the time? 

Yes, here, since four o' clock when we get here, all the way till eight, just waiting. Well they also have showers and you can watch the TV. So then, this here is at night, in the dark. Here you can’t see the place of the building because it’s dark. It’s now night.

FH people: