Chavalo: A Safe Place

back of room full of people watching TV

Then this one is inside again and this building is a bit darker, but you can see the TV and here it’s really full because it’s a lot of people and almost all of us were already there. We can see, we watched TV from four o’clock when we get there to eight o’clock. Then at eight o’clock they take us to the dorms. Before that we cannot go to the dorms.

So you sit around in this place between four and eight?

Yes, that’s it. But it’s a safe place. We can be safe and nobody comes in to bother you and if you make too much noise or anything they ask you to calm down or to leave. There’s also a camera up here and they’re checking what you are doing.  If you misbehave or you make too much noise they ask you to calm down or to leave. And these are just people waiting.

FH people: