These are some of the results to date in the Fotohistorias project:



Gomez, Ricardo & Vannini, Sara: Fotohistorias: Participatory Photography and the Experience of Migration. CreateSpace, 2015. Bilingual: English & Spanish. (Buy on Amazon or download PDF)

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Gomez, Ricardo & Tamayo, Angie: Stories of Mi-Gra-Tion: a flip-flap book. CreateSpace, 2016. In Spanish: Historias de Mi-Gra-Ción.



Collections of Posters:


Conference and Journal Articles:

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Photo Exhibitions:

  • Fotohistorias: Life at the Border - Borderlands Conference, Portland, OR, April 2015
  • Fotohistorias: La vida en la frontera - Universidad Icesi, Abril 2015
  • Fotohistorias: Life at the Border - ICTD Conference, Singapore, May 2015
  • Fotohistorias: Participatory Photography and Migration - Allen Library Research Commons, University of Washington, April-June 2016
  • Fotohistorias: Migration and Human Rights - UW Center for Human Rights Symposium, UW, May 2016


Dissemination Events:

  • Talk: Fotohistorias: Participatory Photography and the Experience of Migration, at Allen Library Research Commons, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 27 April 2016
  • Talk: Fotohistorias: La Fotografía Participativa y la Experiencia de la Migración – evento en español, at Allen Library Research Commons, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 3 May 2016
  • Talk: Fotohistorias: Stories of migration and actions for justice , at the Center for Human Rights’ Annual Spring Symposium, Kane Hall (KNE), 225/Walker-Ames Room, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 6 May 2016
  • Book Presentation: Fotohistorias at Beyond HB 1079: Dreaming of a better future. Building communities. at Everett Community College, Everett, WA, USA, 10 October 2015


In the media


Other related works and resources of interest to Fotohistorias:

  • Film Border Project: a collaborative art project that gave disposable cameras to two groups on different sides of the border: undocumented migrants crossing the desert into the United States, and American Minutemen trying to stop them.
  • Chiapas Photography Project: a participatory photography project in Chiapas
  • Favela Digital: a book using photography to understand the experience of marginalized people in community technology centers and how this experience informs the ways we think about what constitutes “empowerment” and “disempowerment” vis-à-vis technology.
  • Photo Elicitation: Accademic article that explores the use of the method of photo-elicitation (participant photography and interviews) as a research tool to understand technology for development projects in Mozambique.
  • Photo Voice: a project aiming to build skills within disadvantaged and marginalised communities through the use of participatory photography and digital storytelling methods.
  • Los Otros Dreamers: a virtual network of young people who have been deported by the U.S. immigration system, as well as those who made the difficult decision to return to Mexico after coming up against obstacles in the United States, often upon graduation from high school or college.
  • 67 Sueños: 67 Sueños began as a campaing to expand the Federal Dream Act, trying to reshape the debate by raising voices and humanize the entire immigrant community through refusing to prioritize the status of any particular migrant group.
  • La Muna - Corazón Norte: a music album singing stories of migrants at the border.